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LUMIVIVE™ in Birmingham, AL

If you are looking for an affordable way to improve your skin health from home, professional skin care products can be a great option. At Dermatologists of Birmingham, we offer the proven LUMIVIVE™ skin care system to help patients defend against environmental aggressors such as blue light (HEV) and pollution as well as revitalize and detoxify the skin during the night time repair process. We are proud to offer LUMIVIVE™ and other treatments to residents of Birmingham, Alabaster, Clanton and the neighboring areas of Alabama.

What is LUMIVIVE™?

LUMIVIVE™ is a two-step skin care system that recharges and protects the skin. Each product is specially crafted to detoxify and improve the skin’s ability to recover. The LUMIVIVE™ system also complements other skin care regimens, amplifying their results for improved cosmetic benefits. Comprised of LUMIVEVE™ DAY and LUMIVIVE™ NIGHT, the LUMIVIVE™ system can help patients achieve significant improvements in pore size, visible redness, photo damage, tactical roughness, brightness, radiance, skin tone evenness and fine lines. Results seen in as early as 14 days.

What are the Benefits of LUMIVIVE™?

LUMIVIVE™ uses groundbreaking skin care technology to engage the dermal bio-barrier and stimulate rapid recovery in the skin overnight. With a unique combination of next-generation antioxidants and specialty ingredients, patients can enjoy an improvement in the following:

  • Radiance
  • Skin discoloration
  • Skin tone evenness
  • Visible redness
  • Results seen in as early as 14 days

How is LUMIVIVE™ Used?

The LUMIVIVE™ system consists of two different products: LUMIVIVE™ DAY and LUMIVIVE™ NIGHT.


LUMIVIVE™ DAY should be applied daily or after Growth Factor 5, after your morning cleansing. The formula should be applied to the entire face and neck for optimal results. Once applied, it protects against pollution and blue light aggressors all day long.


At night, after your nightly facial cleansing, you will apply LUMIVIVE™ NIGHT. With new ENVIGORATE™ technology, LUMIVIVE™ NIGHT improves the skin’s ability to repair itself overnight, creating a natural glow.

When Will I Notice Results from the LUMIVIVE™ System?

The LUMIVIVE™ system is proven to deliver radiance and glow in as little as 14 days. With regular use, patients can achieve continuous improvement in skin tone for several weeks to come.

How Much Does LUMIVIVE™ Cost in Birmingham?

Dermatologists of Birmingham may offer specials on your LUMIVIVE™ purchase, making it an affordable skin care solution. To determine the exact cost of your LUMIVIVE™ system, contact us today or schedule a consultation.


The system has been proven in several worldwide clinical studies of hundreds of patients, including New Delhi, India. The carefully crafted skin care system can help you achieve incredible results in as little as two weeks. To learn more about the LUMIVIVE™ system, contact us today. Dermatologists of Birmingham welcomes patients from Birmingham, Clanton, Alabaster and the surrounding areas of Alabama.