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Cosmetic Dermatology in Birmingham, AL

Last month Shelby Dermatology celebrated the start of a new year and the launch of our new aesthetic arm at our #LoveYourSkin17 event!

Cosmetic Dermatology in Birmingham, AL

Because our practice is growing thanks to our patients, this event was all about celebrating YOU!

We enjoyed catching up with our patients over food and drinks, while giving attendees access to event-only specials, prizes, and goodie bags.

Thanks to you, we are able to expand the variety of services we offer at our Alabaster location, bringing you some of today’s most in-demand cosmetic treatments.

Below are 7 skin treatments that are now available at Shelby Dermatology.

Give us a call at (205) 621-9500 to make your appointment at our Alabaster location.

If our Birmingham location is more convenient for you, call (205) 588-7000 and click to view our guide to the cosmetic treatments available at Aesthetic Dermatology, our sister practice.

7 Cosmetic Treatments Now Available at Shelby Dermatology:

1. HydraFacials to Clean Out Your Pores

HydraFacial in Birmingham, AL

We can see why New Beauty Magazine awarded HydraFacial MDas “The Best Facial to Transform Your Skin“, in their “Instant Results” beauty awards category.

The results really are immediate and the procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Our patients love HydraFacials because they deliver extremely noticeable results in the glowing skin department, while being completely non-invasive and involving no downtime.

The multi-step procedure involves exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and replenishing your skin with Antioxidants, Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid.

The results? More even skin tone and texture, greater elasticity & firmness,  smaller pores, and faded lines and wrinkles.

2. Chemical Peels to Renew Your Skin

Chemical Peel in Birmingham, AL

Chemical peels have been a go-to skin procedure for decades — and for good reason!

This treatment stands the test of time because it works.

However, unlike chemical peels from decades past, the treatments available today are much gentler and give you even more impressive results.

Chemical peels involve applying a solution to your skin that causes dull surface cells to peel off, revealing a healthier, more radiant complexion.

If you are looking to address acne, discoloration, or fine lines — a chemical peel could be the ideal solution to your skincare concerns.

3. Dermaplaning to Exfoliate Your Skin

Dermaplaning in Birmingham, AL

Dermaplaning is getting a lot of buzz these days, as an amazing treatment for getting brighter and smoother skin.

During the completely painless procedure, we use a small, sterile blade to slough off dead skin cells and vellus hair (a.k.a. “peach fuzz”).

These fine hairs are responsible for trapping oil and debris in your pores, so getting rid of them helps prevent future acne and dull skin.

Immediately following the dermaplaning procedure, your skin will be noticeably more radiant and smooth to the touch. In the long term, you can expect to see a reduction in acne, acne scarring, wrinkles, and dark spots.

4. Extractions to Unclog Your Pores

Cosmetic Dermatology in Birmingham, AL

By now you probably know that attempting to pop your pimples at home is a big skincare “don’t”.

What you should do is leave it to the experts and come in for professional facial extractions — the healthy version of their DIY alternative.

During a professional extraction, a skin specialist will squeeze out the contents of your clogged pores using their fingers and great precision.

After we remove the trapped oil, whiteheads, and blackheads from your pores — you can expect to see a more radiant complexion right away and less blemishes down the line.

5. Kybella for Dissolving Your Double Chin

 Kybella® in Birmingham, AL

Kybella is truly unique in that it is the first and only injectable treatment that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin, the so-called “double chin”.

This excess fat can be genetic and stubborn to address, a fact that can frustrate people who lose weight and still find themselves battling drooping skin under the chin.

If this is an area that is getting in the way of your self-confidence, then we recommend looking into Kybella.

The procedure only takes about 10 to 20 minutes, and most people need 2-3 treatments, spaced out with 6 weeks in between, to complete the treatment plan.

The good news? Once you have completed your treatment plan, this excess fat is gone for good — leaving you with tighter skin below the chin and a more sculpted profile.

6. Juvederm Volbella for Plumper, Smoother Lips

Cosmetic Dermatology in Birmingham, AL

Juvederm Volbella is a facial filler by the makers of Botox, designed specifically for your lips and mouth area.

During the procedure, we use an ultra-fine needle to inject hyaluronic acid into lip lines and wrinkles. The treatment is more comfortable than its predecessors, due to the size of the needle and the local anaesthetic contained in the product.

No pain, all gain: our patients love the subtly plumper lips and more defined mouth that they get from Juvederm Volbella — the results are noticeable and you still look like yourself!

The treatment is also long-lasting, with results lasting up to one year.

7. Sculptra Fillers for Contouring Your Facial Features

Sculptra® in Birmingham, AL

Sculptra is a filler treatment that stimulates your skin’s own natural collagen production, in order to restore the facial structure and volume that gets lost as we age.

The fact that this treatment stimulates natural collagen production sets it apart from other facial contouring fillers — and it leads to more natural-looking patient results.

During the procedure, we identify the injection sites that will result in optimal facial contours and administer the treatment, which is then massaged deeper into your skin.

A Sculptra procedure generally takes around half an hour, depending on how many areas you get treated, and results last for about two years.

Cosmetic Treatments, Products, and Consultations

In addition to the treatments listed above, we now offer waxing services and makeup consultations — in which our new aesthetician helps you determine the best products and application techniques for you.

As always, we offer skin consultations, during which we can give you specific recommendations on the best skincare products and treatments based on the results of your complexion analysis.

Our Skinscope tool gives you a detailed report on the state of your complexion across multiple dimensions of healthy skin. This helps us determine the best product and treatment plan for you, then track the way your skin responds to these products and procedures over time.

Make Your Appointment Today!

We hope the guide above has helped you learn more about your options when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our Alabaster patients the latest and greatest in skin rejuvenation, and hope to see you around one of our offices soon!

Make an appointment with us to get a detailed treatment planbased on your unique skin situation and goals:

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