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Chemical Peel in Birmingham & Alabaster, AL

Chemical Peel in Birmingham, ALAs we get older our outer layers of skin take longer to get replaced by new, fresh skin. This leads to skin that appears uneven in tone and texture. Chemical peels help to bring newer, fresher and healthier skin to the surface by getting through the outermost layers of dead skin and bringing younger layers to the surface. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers chemical peels for men and women who live in Birmingham, Alabaster and surrounding areas in Alabama.

What Kind of Chemical Peels Do We Offer?

We offer SkinMedica and PCA Skin chemical peels.


SkinMedica chemical peels are an important part of a skincare regimen designed to keep your skin looking young. At Dermatologists of Birmingham, we offer SkinMedica chemical peels at a variety of different strengths specifically designed for your skincare goals. We use clinically-tested products that are stronger and safer than consumer products and use industry leading brands, such as Vitalize®, to ensure you get the results you want.

Benefits of a SkinMedica Chemical Peel

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Evens out skin color
  • Brightens complexion
  • Smooths the skin
  • Helps get to the younger, fresher skin underneath the top layers

SkinMedica chemical peels can also be used to substantially improve the appearance of various skin conditions such as acne and melasma.

How Does a SkinMedica Chemical Peel Work?

The solution that we use for your chemical peel contains active ingredients that penetrate the skin at certain depths. We recommend two to three lighter chemical peels, as this will minimize downtime. More aggressive chemical peels require significant downtime. A facial or HydraFacial® can be integrated with your chemical peel to keep your skin in prime condition.

What to Expect from a Chemical Peel

For most people, a SkinMedica chemical peel feels warm and tingly for about five minutes. We then apply a neutralizing solution and clean the skin.

Medium and deep peels can produce flaking and scabbing, and may take several months to completely heal. Light chemical peels do not require this extensive healing. You can repeat light chemical peels every month, and medium peels can be repeated about every six months. A deep chemical peel should only be performed one time and not repeated.

How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost in Birmingham?

The cost of our SkinMedica chemical peels is based upon the type of peel and the products that we use. We are best able to provide this information after your consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists. Our convenient payment options include cash, checks, major credit cards and financing options.

From light exfoliation to the correction of severe wrinkles, chemical peels offer men and women in the Birmingham area with safe and effective treatments for common skin problems. If you would like to know the benefits of a chemical peel for your skin, contact Dermatologists of Birmingham to schedule your personal consultation.

*Individual results may vary.


Sensi Peel® is a unique chemical peel option for all patients, including those with sensitive skin. This universal 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping promote an even skin tone. This multi-faceted and skin-brightening treatment is an excellent option for sensitive skin and higher Fitzpatrick skin types.


Benefits of a PCA Skin chemical peel:

  • New and improved formula
  • Improves surface texture and brightens skin
  • Promotes an even skin tone
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Formulated with 12% lactic acid and 6% TCA