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Skin Cyst Removal in Birmingham & Alabaster, AL

Skin Cyst Removal in Birmingham, ALA skin cyst is a small or large lump just under the skin. The growth is typically harmless but may become painful or itchy. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers skin cyst removal treatments for children and adults who live in Birmingham, Alabaster and surrounding areas in Alabama.

What is a Skin Cyst?

A skin cyst, or epidermoid/epidermal cyst, is a lump that grows just under the skin. Skin cysts develop when specific types of cells grow and balloon out into a sac while making primitive hair follicle material inside the sac. There is no known reason for cysts to develop. While most cysts don’t cause problems, sometimes they get inflamed, filled with pus and painful.

Skin cysts are somewhat permanent though they can fluctuate in size. You may choose treatment if the cyst presents an aesthetic concern or if the cyst becomes bothersome such as painful or itchy.

Benefits of Skin Cyst Removal

Skin cysts are benign growths that don’t have to be removed. But if a cyst bothers you aesthetically or becomes painful or itchy, you can have it surgically removed. The goal of removal is to remove an unsightly lump or alleviate symptoms. Excision will leave a scar, but our board certified dermatologist are trained and experienced remove the cyst in the office with techniques to minimize this scaring.

How Do I Know If I Have a Skin Cyst?

If you find an abnormal lump in your skin, we recommend that you be evaluated by one of our dermatologists. Many other types of growths can mimic a cyst, so an accurate diagnosis is important.

A skin cyst appears as a hard, painless lump that does not affect the outer skin. You may be able to feel the entire lump with your fingers and squeeze out the contents which often has a strong odor. We caution about aggressive squeezing as this may lead to inflammation and pain.

What to Expect from Skin Cyst Removal

Your dermatologist may use one or more methods to treat the cyst, such as:

  • Injectable medications that reduce swelling
  • Opening and draining the cyst
  • Surgical excision to remove the entire cyst

Treatments are all in office and with local anesthesia. We take great care to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

How Much Does Skin Cyst Removal Cost in Birmingham?

Skin cyst removal may not be covered by your medical insurance, so we offer several options for payment. After your consultation, we provide an estimate so that you can budget accordingly. We accept cash, checks ad major credit cards. Financing is also available.

Finding a hard lump under your skin is concerning, but it may only be a skin cyst. Meet with one of our qualified dermatologists to receive an accurate diagnosis and learn about your treatment options, such as skin cyst removal. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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