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Hives Treatment in Birmingham, AL

If you have welts on your skin that itch, you may have hives. Some hives resolve with time, but hives treatment may minimize the symptoms that are often severe. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers hives treatment for children, teenagers and adults who live in Birmingham, Alabaster, Shelby and Chilton Counties and surrounding areas in Alabama.

What are Hives?

Also known as urticaria, hives are areas of inflammation in the skin. The condition may produce welts that are very small or several inches across. A person who has hives often develops clusters of whelts that resolve as new whelts form. The cycle may last several weeks or longer.

Hive outbreaks are classified as acute or chronic. Acute hives may occur due to:

  • Medication side effects
  • Allergic reactions
  • Certain foods
  • Infections

Acute hives can last up to six weeks. If the hives last longer than six weeks, the condition is classified as chronic hives.

Benefits of Hives Treatment

Hives treatment helps reduce your symptoms and may help to keep the hives from developing altogether. Chronic hives treatment helps preserve quality of life for those who have hives for several months or years.

How Do I Know If I Need Hives Treatment?

You may need hives treatment if you have:

  • Small areas or spots of red or pink inflamed skin
  • Itching

You may develop a single welt, clusters or large areas of inflamed skin. You may notice that when one of the welts disappears, another develops elsewhere.

Acute hives may not require treatment, but we do recommend chronic hives treatment for patients with hives that last longer than six weeks.

What to Expect from Hives Treatment

Hives typically develop after you experience a trigger, such as side effects of medications or having an allergic reaction. Treatment will focus on identifying and managing the underlying cause. Your dermatologist may also prescribe medications to reduce swelling, replication of the welts, longevity of the condition and itching. Medications may include:

  • Antihistamines (prescription and over the counter)
  • Injections of omalizumab for chronic hives treatment
  • Prednisone or other corticosteroids on a short-term basis

How Much Does Hives Treatment Cost in Birmingham?

Hives treatment may be covered as specialty care under your medical insurance. After the consultation, we will review your policy and advise you about any out-of-pocket expenses. Dermatologists of Birmingham offer several convenient payment options, including cash, checks and major credit cards. We also offer financing options for our patients.

Hives are uncomfortable areas of inflammation on the skin. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers hives treatment for acute and chronic cases. To learn about your acute and chronic hives treatment options, contact us to schedule your personal consultation.

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