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Full Body Skin Exam in Birmingham & Alabaster, AL

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and skin cancers including melanoma may occur on any part of it. A full body skin exam helps the dermatologist find these cancers and other concerning problems.  Dermatologists of Birmingham offer full body skin exams for adults and children in Birmingham, Alabaster and surrounding areas in Alabama.

What is a Full Body Skin Exam?

The primary goal of a full body skin exam is to detect early signs of skin cancer, but the exam can also help diagnose and treat skin rashes and other problems. Our board certified dermatologist are experienced and trained to spot these problems by looking your whole skin over. Since the exam requires the dermatologist to look at all parts of your skin, you will be draped comfortably. It isn’t usually necessary to remove your undergarments. During the exam, the dermatologist will discuss your concerns and any lesions that may need treatment.

Full Body Skin Exam in Birmingham, AL

Benefits of a Full Body Skin Exam

A full body skin exam serves three roles:

  • Diagnose skin cancers and melanoma
  • Detect any current issues with the skin, nails, mucous membranes and hair
  • Provide a baseline for future screenings

The full body skin exam helps both you and your dermatologist. If you have ever noticed a new growth or dark spot on your skin, you understand how unsettling it can be to try to determine if the issue is new. With a full body skin exam, your dermatologist can either reassure you if the exam is normal or begin appropriate treatment for concerning lesions and problems.

How Do I Know If I Need a Full Body Skin Exam?

We recommend a full body skin exam for patients of all ages, including children who are concerned about lesions, moles or other skin problems.

What to Expect from a Full Body Skin Exam

A full body skin exam is a thorough examination of all parts of your skin. Be prepared to discuss and show the dermatologist lesions or areas of concern. The dermatologist will start at your head and move down the body. Special attention is paid to areas that are prone to sun damage, such as the face, ears, upper trunk and arms.

We may recommend further testing and screening based on the findings.

How Much Does a Full Body Skin Exam Cost in Birmingham?

A full body skin exam performed by a dermatologist will likely be covered by your medical insurance. We will verify your coverage before the consultation appointment. Your portion of the cost can be paid by cash, check and major credit cards. We also offer financing.

A full body skin exam is an excellent diagnostic tool used by dermatologists to provide exceptional care to children and adults. To learn more about the full body skin exams at Dermatologists of Birmingham, contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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