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Sculptra® in Birmingham & Alabaster, AL

Sculptra® in Birmingham, ALBy the time we turn 30 years old, our bodies are already producing less collagen at an alarming rate. Collagen injections may seem to offer the best solution, but the results are short-lived. Sculptra® contains a special ingredient that stimulates natural collagen production, and men and women in Birmingham, Alabaster and surrounding areas in Alabama are discovering the anti-aging benefits of Sculptra® treatments at Dermatologist of Birmingham.

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an anti-aging, injectable treatment that softens lines and wrinkles. We recommend Sculptra® for:

  • Wrinkles in the chin area
  • Smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines (the parentheses at the corners of the mouth)

Benefits of Sculptra®

If you are considering plastic surgery to look younger, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of Sculptra® treatments at Dermatologists of Birmingham. With Sculptra®:

  • No incisions are needed, so you will not develop new scars
  • No invasive surgery is required, so there is no downtime
  • Results last up to two years
  • Treatment takes less than one hour
Sculptra® in Birmingham, AL

How Does Sculptra® Work?

Sculptra® is unique amongst dermal fillers in that the formulation contains poly-L-lactic acid, which is a synthetic polymer that is easily accepted and absorbed by your body. The microspheres of poly-L-lactic acid in Sculptra® work in two ways to soften lines and wrinkles. First, the spheres add immediate volume to the skin. Second, the presence of the spheres in the body triggers an increased production of collagen. The collagen slowly fills in the area around the spheres, as well as the spaces left, as the poly-L-lactic acid disintegrates.

What to Expect from Sculptra®

Sculptra® is injected into the skin using a fine needle. Most patients are comfortable during the procedure, but you may feel a slight prick as the needle is inserted. The next sensation that you may feel is a slight pressure as the Sculptra® gel enters your skin. You may see some minor improvements after the first appointment, but we typically recommend three treatments scheduled monthly. After the last treatment, it may take one or two months for full results.

Because the anti-aging benefits are gradual, we recommend that you take photos of your face before and after each treatment. This helps you to see how Sculptra® is slowly softening your lines and wrinkles.

How Much Does Sculptra® Cost in Birmingham?

Sculptra® is a cosmetic treatment that is not covered by medical insurance. Your treatment plan will include dosing and scheduling information that serves as the foundation for determining a cost. We provide this information at the time of the consultation. Dermatologists of Birmingham accepts payment by cash, checks, major credit cards and our convenient financing options.

Increasing collagen levels in the skin is a beneficial anti-aging approach, but you want results that last. With Sculptra®, you have the additional collagen that your skin needs, and the results last up to two years. If you are looking for the best place for Sculptra® treatments in the Birmingham area, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists.

*Individual results may vary.