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Wart Removal in Birmingham, AL

Warts are one of the most embarrassing skin conditions because the growths are often associated with personal hygiene. Warts are caused by a virus, so medical attention is needed to effectively and safely remove warts. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers wart removal for children and adults in Birmingham, Alabaster and surrounding areas in Alabama.

What is a Wart?

A wart is a non-cancerous, benign growth that appears on the surface of the skin. Warts develop when human papillomavirus, or HPV, penetrates the outermost layer of skin. Because HPV is involved, warts are contagious. You may spread warts to others if:

  • Another person’s skin comes in contact with the wart
  • A person touches an object that you touched with your wart

Benefits of Wart Removal

Wart removal is not necessary in all cases. Some people prefer to allow the growths to resolve without treatment. The primary benefits of wart removal are:

  • Improving the aesthetics of the affected area
  • Reducing the chances of passing warts to other people
  • Reducing any discomfort caused by the wart

How Do I Know If I Have a Wart?

Warts have a distinctive appearance, so you may be able to tell if an abnormal growth is a wart. Check the growth for:

  • A rough texture, although some warts are smooth
  • May be the same color as your skin, greyish black or brown

Warts tend to appear in locations where you have damaged or injured the skin.

Warts are categorized as:

  • Common (verruca vulgaris) that occur mostly on the back of the hands and fingers
  • Foot warts (plantar warts) that develop on the soles of the feet and develop in clusters
  • Flat warts that develop on children’s faces
  • Filiform warts that have a long, slender appearance and may develop around the nose, mouth and eyes

What to Expect from Wart Removal

Our qualified dermatologists can diagnose warts upon visual inspection. In rare cases, the wart may be biopsied. Treatment may include:

  • Electrosurgery to burn the wart, often coupled with curettage to scrape away the wart
  • Application of cantharidin, a medication that creates a blister under the wart and allows for excision
  • Removing the wart with a scalpel
  • Cryotherapy to freeze the wart

How Much Does Wart Removal Cost in Birmingham?

Medical insurances typically cover the cost of wart removal by a qualified dermatologist, but each policy is unique. After your consultation, we will review your coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. We offer several payment options, including cash, checks, major credit cards and financing.

Warts can be simple cosmetic concerns or painful growths. The virus that causes warts means that these growths can be passed on to other people, so you may want to consider wart removal. If you have a wart or abnormal growth on your skin, contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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