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Vitiligo Treatment in Birmingham, AL

If you have areas of skin that are significantly lighter than the surrounding skin, you may have vitiligo. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers diagnostic and treatment services for vitiligo to help children, adolescents and adults who live in in Birmingham, Alabaster, Shelby and Chilton County and surrounding areas in Alabama.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition that causes your skin to lose color. The skin that is affected appears much lighter than the surrounding skin. A person may develop patches over their bodies, or the condition may affect entire areas of skin. Vitiligo can also affect the hair, resulting in sections of white hair that is not related to aging. The mucous membranes inside the mouth are also susceptible to vitiligo.

Benefits of Vitiligo Treatment

We do not fully understand what causes vitiligo, but several advanced treatments have been developed for this condition. When vitiligo is treated successfully, the normal skin color returns. Since the white patches of vitiligo can be embarrassing and affects one’s psyche, this successful treatment can restore confidence and one’s sense of well-being.

How Do I Know If I Need Vitiligo Treatment?

Vitiligo causes a gradual change in skin pigmentation. Non-segmental vitiligo is the most common type. This type of vitiligo typically begins on the wrists, fingers, hands and feet. The initial stage causes a quick reduction in skin pigment followed by a period when no changes occur. This cycle may repeat for several years. In addition to the changes in skin color, vitiligo may cause pain and itching in the affected skin.

Vitiligo is not a medical concern, so opting for treatment is a personal choice. If you are diagnosed with vitiligo, you may want to have treatment to feel more comfortable socially and emotionally.

What to Expect from Vitiligo Treatment

Topical medications such as steroids, tacrolimus and pimecrolims are the usual first line treatments for patients with vitiligo. These treatments are very easy and safe. But when these treataments don’t work, Dermatologists of Birmingham offers treatment with the XTRAC® laser. The XTRAC® laser system uses focused UVB light energy to target the skin affected by vitiligo. The surrounding skin and tissues are not affected by the laser energy due to the difference in skin color.The dermatologist administers the laser energy as short burst in small sections that measure 2cm x 2cm. You may feel a sensation on the skin that feels like a small pinch as each application of laser energy is applied. Large areas take less than 15 minutes. Multiple treatments may be needed. In clinical studies, patients experienced a significant reduction in vitiligo after 30 treatments, each treatment spaced out twice a week.

Treating vitiligo is a gradual process, and your dermatologist will explain the anticipated results during the consultation.

How Much Does Vitiligo Treatment Cost in Birmingham?

Because vitiligo does not pose a health risk, treatment with XTRAC® laser may not be covered by your insurance. We will determine your estimated out-of-pocket expenses after the consultation when we have the details of your vitiligo treatment plan. For your convenience, we offer several payment options, including cash, checks, major credit cards and financing.

White patches on the skin may be caused by vitiligo. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers vitiligo treatment with the XTRAC® laser system, the most advanced technology available for vitiligo treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our qualified dermatologists.

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