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Skin Analysis

Dermatologists of Birmingham offers expert skin anaylsis at both locations. We use skin analysis technology to analyze, monitor and treat skin issues.

What is a Skin Analysis?

Skin analysis is the process of looking at a patient’s skin to determine how healthy it is. The goal is to really identify key areas for improvement within someone’s skin regime. Traditionally, this analysis was very basic (and literally on the surface).

Now we offer advanced skin analylsis technology at both locations using an analysis machine. The VISIA® is a specialised skin analysis procedure that uses computerised photo images to assess the health and condition of the skin. It has the technology to delve into 8 key areas of the face and identify a variety of concerns such as UV spots, acne, brown spots and porphyrins, even before they become visible.

 How Does the Skin Analysis Machine Work?

The analysis itself is simple: Put your face or cheek inside the box — usually the left, since it gets the most sun while driving — and passport-size images are snapped. The machine tallies your crows’-feet, wrinkles, evenness, sun spots and pore size.

Why Should We Do Skin Analysis?

A skin analysis is used to familiarize our team with your particular skin. It helps us better assess the skin’s condition, and look for any underlying issues. Skin analysis helps form a diagnosis to provide proper treatment and recommendations.