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Body Sculpting in Birmingham & Alabaster, AL

At Dermatologists of Birmingham, we understand the importance of healthy skin. In addition to providing superior care for chronic and acute skin conditions, we also offer body sculpting so you feel more confident about wearing clothing that reveals your body and shape. Our body sculpting treatments are designed to help adults in Birmingham, Shelby County and surrounding areas in Alabama eliminate excessive, stubborn fat.

What is Body Sculpting?

Our body sculpting treatments address one of the most problematic aesthetic aspects of looking your best — unwanted fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. We know that you work hard to tone your body and maintain an attractive shape, but nature can sometimes work against you. Our bodies have different types of fat. Some fat is reduced easily when we increase our activity levels and reduce caloric intake. This type of fat is stored around our internal organs. A second type of fat is found in the skin, and this is nearly impossible to lose with diet and exercise. Body sculpting treatments remove the fat that is stored in your skin.

Body Sculpting in Birmingham, ALWhy Choose Dermatologists of Birmingham for Body Sculpting

Our board-certified dermatologists understand skin, so we can identify if your fat is stored in the subcutaneous layers. This expertise gives our patients an advantage in their efforts to reduce unwanted bulges and pockets of fat that hide their natural contours.

What are the Benefits of Body Sculpting?

We offer the most advanced body sculpting treatments. The benefits include:

  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal or no scarring
  • Removing stubborn fat to enhance contours
  • Boost in confidence to achieve your fitness goals

What Types of Body Sculpting Treatments are Available?

Dermatologists of Birmingham offers body sculpting treatments that safely and effectively treat the most common concerns amongst adults living in the Birmingham area. We provide treatments for every area of the body. Most adults who are near their ideal weight and demonstrate a commitment to a healthy lifestyle are good candidates for the treatments.

  • CoolSculpting® freezes unwanted fat cells without surgery
  • Kybella® is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for double chins

CoolSculpting® and Kybella® require no downtime, and the fat gradually disappears. Liposuction immediately removes unwanted fat, but does require small surgical incisions and some downtime. Procedure times vary based on the treatment area and amount of fat to be removed.

Augmenting your dermatology treatments with body sculpting procedures helps you feel more confident about wearing clothing that shows off your body and skin. Dermatologists of Birmingham offers these treatments to people in the Birmingham, Shelby County and surrounding areas. To learn more, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

*Individual results may vary.