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Important ingredients to look for in your sunscreen

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Especially this time of year, when you go to buy sunscreen there are a lot of options to choose from.

Dr. Greg Bourgeois with Birmingham Dermatology says it’s very important to pay attention to the SPF and to make sure you are buying broad spectrum sunscreen.

But there are some other key ingredients you want to make sure your sunscreen has that you will find listed on the back of the bottle.

“We usually recommend those sunscreens that contain physical blocking agents. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – those tend to be safe on any type of skin. In fact, the FDA recently gave a stamp of approval to those ingredients,” said Dr. Bourgeois.

Some dermatologists say that while buying spray might seem easier to apply, sometimes more of the product ends up in the air than on your body.

So unless you make sure you’re covered, lotion sunscreen might be the better option.

June 22, 2017

Dr. Marian Northington and Dr. Greg Bourgeois on Talk of Alabama to inform people about what types of sunscreen to use and how to protect your skin during the summer!

Aesthetic Dermatology 1 Year Anniversary!

Dr. Bourgeois and Dr. Northington blow out the candles while celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Aesthetic Dermatology!

Dr. Northington from Aesthetic Dermatology on Talk of Alabama

Check out Dr. Northington’s appearance on Talk of Alabama where she talks about the benefits of BOTOX, Ultherapy and non-invasive Fraxel laser therapy. You can make an appointment or visit Aesthetic Dermatology today or visit our location right off 459 in Birmingham.

Dermatologists of Birmingham Helping out the Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Dermatologists of Birmingham made it in the news on three local stations in November of 2016 for their efforts helping out the Greater Birmingham Humane Society!

In a recent storm the shed used to store the crates for transporting animals awaiting surgeries was ruined, and the Human Society was left without a good place to store their crates between uses. Dermatologists of Birmingham decided to help and raised the funds to donate materials for a new shed.

Thanks to local carpenter John Brown for building the new shed!

You can also see Dr. Northington’s new dog Snuggles at the end of the first video!